ACN – Is enrolment fee necessary?

November 13, 2018
A multi-level marketing company like ACN (American Communications Network) is not new. In fact, MLM companies have been around for many years now. The American Communications Network has been in the business since 1993 and until now it remains to be one of the trusted names in the industry. The common characteristics of a legit multi-level marketing business are the following:
  • You need to have high-quality products.
  • You need to market the products of the company for you to make money.
  • You need to recruit or sponsor people to create a team.
  • Your team needs to grow, which means you need to sponsor as many people possible.
Is an enrolment fee necessary?

The answer is a big yes. Before you can start marketing the products and services of the company, you need to pay an enrolment fee. The fee varies from one company to another. It could range from a few hundred to thousands. If you want to be a part of the ACN Inc. you need to pay an enrolment fee of $499; that is if you are in the United States. There is a slight variation in pricing in some countries. By the way, the American Communications Network operates in over 25 countries in various parts of the world.

What is the purpose of the enrolment fee?

The enrolment fee covers for the training and the license to do ACN. Just look at it as the capital of your business. In fact, the amount is way too small when compared to the amount you need to start your business from scratch. With ACN, you no longer have to start a business from the ground up because ACN is an already established name. It is not only popular in the United States but in other parts of the world. There are already products, services, and customer base. All you need to do is to learn how the business works. Even if you don’t have any marketing background, you can become a successful marketer. The people behind ACN will do their best to train you and make sure you have what it takes to become a successful network marketer.

If you have been struggling with your finances, then you should join ACN Inc. It is a perfect opportunity to have additional income. Many people started as a part-time network marketer but they eventually become a full-time marketer because they realize that they can make a lot of money in ACN. If you want to change your financial situation, then start your own business. Be a part of the American Communications Network.  

ACN – ways to improve your income

September 09, 2018
The American Communications Network (ACN Inc.) is one of the amazing multi-level marketing companies in the world. Anyone can be successful regardless of your educational background and status in life. All you need to have is a winning mindset and you will surely be on your way to success. If you have been in the MLM industry like ACN Inc. and you are thinking of ways to improve our income, then you should follow the tips below.
  • Open yourself to learning – You cannot outgrow your need for learning. This is true not only in business but in life as a whole. Learning is only possible if you are coachable. A multi-level marketing business like ACN is a business of duplication. In other words, you only need to duplicate the strategies used by successful marketers, which are your uplines. It is important to listen to your upline leaders because they have more experience in the business than you. They know what works and what not. They learned it the hard way but you can learn it the easy way only if you listen to them and open yourself to learning.
  •  Know your goals/objectives – This sounds simple but don’t you know that a lot of people join the business without even knowing/setting their goals? Your goals set as your direction in life. Research showed that those who write their dreams and/or goals tend to be more successful than those who do not have a clear direction in life.
  • Work hard but most importantly work smart – It pays a lot to work hard but the most successful people do not just work hard. They also work smart. Although there is a lot of money in the MLM business like ACN still you have to keep in mind that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You need to work hard and smart. Work hard in the sense that you need to open yourself to every possible learning. Work smart in the sense that you need to use the winning strategies used by successful independent business owners (IBO).
  • Be persistent – most independent business owners work hard in the beginning but give up after a few months of not hitting their goals. In MLM business like ACN you need to be persistent. Give the business a few months, work hard, and most importantly use the right strategy. If you are generating income, then you are doing it all right. If you are not yet making money, then it only means one thing; you are not following your upline. Change your strategy instead of giving up.
  • Connect to many people – In the business like ACN, the more people you know the higher the chances of making money. Which is why it is important to build your network and connect to as many people possible. Doing it isn’t difficult at all because we are in the internet world. You can connect to people from many parts of the world with the power of the internet.